Translator Badge Tip

Ok, for some of you this may be common sense … For me it wasn’t until recently. the challenge for me with Glyph Hacking was in trying to rapidly recall the sequence of sometimes complex scribbles. This little tip should help you get your Translator badge with ease.

The trick is to only Glyph Hack low level portals …. Like level 1 for example. So here is my simple method to really boost the numbers.

We will address the different states that we may encounter and I will explain my approach to each.

Scenario 1:
We find a nice high level enemy portal, OK … For this one we are going to have to hack it first just because the loot gain is so sweet. I would not attempt a Glyph Hack since it most likely will be a waste of time. While glyph hacking ANY level portal will produce bonus gear for success of ANY glyphs, it will only produce badge points for completing ALL glyphs in the sequence.

So step by step goes like this:

1. Hack it
2. Destroy it.
3. Capture it … Only use 1 resonator (any level will do)
4. If you have a common heat sink, install it now. If you don’t then wait 2 minutes before step 5
5. Glyph Hack it …. Since it’s only level 1 it will be a simple single Glyph …
6. If you have another common heat sink, install it now … If not, wait 2 minutes then Glyph Hack it again.

Scenario 2:
We find a grey portal, this one can be tackled the same way as an enemy portal. The major difference is that you won’t have to destroy it first.

Basically you Glyph Hack, Capture with 1 resonator, Heat Sink then Glyph Hack then Heat Sink and Glyph Hack it again.

If you dont have the heat sinks you just have to wait for cool down time … Also if you are going to perform this on a low level farm then I would recommend using multi-hack mods in place of a second heat sink. That way you can hack the loop and increase your yield before burnout.

Happy Glyphing !
Agent Thorn Blackheart
The Enlightened

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