Low Level Power Cubes

I used to insta-delete all of my lower level power cubes. I didn’t think they really had much value since the amount of XM they replenish is so small when you get to be higher level.

Recently though, I have found a much better use for them.

Destroying high density clusters of enemy portals.

We all know that crushing enemy farms is usually a drain on our XM level. Most of the farms that I encounter have force amp and turret mods scattered throughout the cluster. In the old days I would destroy what I could, recharge my XM tank and strike again … What a waste of my gear … So here is the tip.

Since you only need a small amount of XM to fire a buster weapon, you only recharge your tank a small amount by using low level power cubes. Fire XMP, get zapped, use small cube, fire XMP, get zapped, rinse and repeat …. Once you get used to this method of attacking high density clusters you will learn to love your lowbie cubes.

Happy Hunting !



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