“Flip Card”

ADA Refactor and Jarvis Virus are both Very Rare weapons that serve the same basic purpose.

These weapons are used to reverse the “alignment” of a portal.

The ADA Refactor will cause an Enlightened controlled portal to become a Resistance controlled portal.

The Jarvis Virus will cause a Resistance controlled portal to become an Enlightened controlled portal.

How to use:

The weapon is used by selecting it from your weapons menu in the inventory tab … This is a different approach than normal weapons.

Once you select the USE button you will be prompted for a valid target … Once the target is identified the weapon will begin it’s conversion.


All links attached to the portal will be destroyed and their corresponding control fields will also be removed.

Resonators and Mods on the portal will remain intact but will now be owned by the corresponding faction regarding special case from item 3 below.

Some strategic uses for the ADA and Jarvis:

1. In the event that there is a friendly link blocking your intended field path, you can switch the portal to an enemy faction thereby dropping the links. I recommend immediately destroying and reclaiming said portal.

2. This one was shared on Reddit …

When an enemy portal is being used as a primary anchor or major linking spot, you can destroy it with regular weapons.

Then you add level one resonators to all 8 slots … fill the mod slots with useless modifications and switch it back to an enemy portal.

The net effect of this activity is that your enemy now controls a fairly useless portal with minimal link range and no real strategic advantage, no shielding, no damage enhancers etc.

The enemy can of course boost the levels of the resonators to increase the range … but they will most likely pass on this since you can easily destroy the portal in it’s reduced protection state afterwards.

3. Using combinations of Jarvis and ADA on the same portal can allow you to create level 8 portals without needing all 8 of the normally required agents present.

If an agent from the same faction group of the weapon’s alignment uses it, then the Owner of the items and the portal will be the Agent who used the weapon.

If an agent from an Opposing faction or alignment of the weapon uses it, then the Owner of the portal will be JARVIS or ADA.

Since these portals are not Owned by an Agent, the Agent could place level 8 resonators again … the normal 1 level 8 resonator restriction is still in force, but by toggling the state of the portal back and forth you could progressively add 8 Level 8 resonators to the portal without all 8 agents.

See ingress.wikia.com/wiki/Flip_Card under Strategy – Flipping a Friendly Portal – Upgrading for a brief description.

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